Monday, June 11, 2012

Some updates...

I am finally done with my 3 years of headaches, sleepless nights, cramming, group work, projects, presentations, paper... and heartaches!!! Lyon I never really like you but I will somehow miss you. I don't know what is next for me but I trust my God. I am so grateful and thankful for the blessings and the trials, life wasn't easy but having You by side made my journey bearable.
Now I have all the time to maybe update this blog?!? :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kiko Milano make up

This is a short post, I just want to share a make up look I did using Kiko Milano's eyeshadows.
Check out their website KikoMilano.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Party makeup

I don't usually wear heavy makeup but I was bored and wanted to try a smoky look. Here's the result of my boredom.
Products used:

- MAC studio fluid foundation NC 42
- Boiing Benefit concealer 3
-Max Factor concealer Cooper
-Nichido final powder Natural
-MAC MSF Perfect topping
-NARS bronzer Irresistiblement
-MAC blush Sincere

- SMASHBOX smokebox
-MAC eye kohl Smolder
-Benefit Bad Gal mascara

- Benefit Browzing medium

- Shisheido Natural Beige
-NYX gloss Natural
-Benefit Prrrowl lipgloss

Friday, February 4, 2011


It's another OFTD!! yey... so today we went out and I randomly chose my outfit. I didn't bring a lot of clothes with me for this weekend so I had to look into my closet to see if I had any interesting clothes left here. Well this is what I wear:)

Well I can't fix the disposition of the pix anyway this is the list:

Tank top from New Look

Simple cardigan

Jeans with boot cut from TBS

Buckle boots


Earings from Reserve Naturelle

Rings from Reserve Naturelle

Necklace from Reserve Naturelle

LV handbag

Monday, January 31, 2011

Current obssession

Lately I've been into jewelry... and i'm a sucker for big and unique rings! In this post I will show you some pieces I got on sale.

The one with the stones&perles and the one next to it are from Accessorize.
The next two are from New Look.

As sweet as Feb!!

So we went to the mall coz Mel wanted to get a new cellphone and I had to pass by Sephora as usual!! :P and here's what I got...

The Philosophy Sweet on You gift set: this is a great present for valentines; I love the pink color of the gel and lotion and I also love the scent. However, it does not seem to smell like candy, it smells more like bubble gum or something else. Also, the gloss does not taste like anything , but perhaps it's just me. Anyway, I still think it's great!! I'm glad I got it. (23.90 euros)

Sleek Good Girl eyeshadow palette: I had to get this!!! hahaha like everything else I got! Mel has already the storm and the bad girl palette but she didn't want to get this one because she thinks pinks are hard to work on our skin color. However, I still wanted it coz the colors are so beautiful and I'm sure I can pull something through that palette. The e/s are so pigmented and not too shimmery. So i'm excited to use it. I will maybe make another post with all the swatches. If you don't know sleek makeup, check their website . They offer good quality makeup at low prices, so affordable!!! I got it for 8.50 euros

Burt's Bee lip balm: THE ESSENTIAL ! I lost mine weeks ago and I had to get a new one although I bought a Carmex lip balm to replace it. This one is the original, but they also have one in honey and one in pomegranate. The original is the minty one and the BEST to use. I could have used the others I got but I love the original.