Sunday, December 19, 2010


Be still, and know that I am God
Psalm 46:10

I love the song STILL by Reuben Morgan

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
Within Your mighty hands

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You, above the storm
Father, You are king over the flood
I will be still and know You are God

Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know His power, in quietness and trust

Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 had me a blast part1

Ok so I did not do what I said I would do in my previous entry. Anyway, I wanted to write a new entry about my 2010 experience. This will just be some fragments coz I am too tired to type right
First, 2010 was the start of a new beginning, a new life, new school, new friends and new lover!!hahaha joke not new lover!! but 2010 definitely brought something new in my life. Also this year brought a lot of trials and challenges. God tested me a lot of times and I thank him for that. He always manages to remind me how powerful and great He is. He allowed me to meet amazing friends with whom I laughed and cried. (and this entry will mainly be about them). SO CEFAM (my school) not a big school and since I am not a very sociable person I am not friends with everyone but with a few with whom I can relate to. (bref le genre fils et filles a papa, pas trop mon genre d'amis). I met my two partner in crimes S and F (won't put their name here). I was so blessed to have them as classmates during my first year. We shared so many things ... only with them that I could talk about anything and we won't judge each other.. so many times we would just laugh at ourselves. They are the closest friends I have at school. We would see each other at lunch time, after class or before class, on weekends and we would spend our time reviewing or gossiping at Quick (fast food resto). By then end of the school year, I thought we knew really well each other coz I could guess how one would feel or react for anything. They would know when I am ok or not. And when summer came and we had to go our separate ways for internships, we promised to keep in touch. People told us that everything would change in the second year but we did not believe it . So we even joked about not talking to each other after summer like what happened to some schoolmates. Well, everything changes in the second year!!!! I won't go into details but now, my so called partner in crimes and I are barely talking to each other. S thought she knew me, I thought I knew her but I was WRONG. I knew her bad side but I did not think she would be like that with me. What is so painful in this story is that I trusted someone who did not think of me as a true friend. When it comes to friends, I am the most loyal and trustworthy. I know how to treasure friendship. I am not a person who can be friends with everybody. My family and friends are the people I love the most. I do not think that I have to prove anything to anyone. It is sad when a friend doubts on the friendship. I am NOT FAKE , I am not someone who would be friends with someone by interest! I used to be so careful with whom enters my life coz I do not want just anyone to know what makes me happy or sad, what are my strengths and weaknesses . I reserve those rights to those I estimate to be trustworthy . Coz when you let people know all those things, you also give them the power to destroy you. I guess this time I was too naive perhaps too nice.. Pagod na ako na masaktan na lang na ganito..sobrang sakit and no one could understand the pain lalo pag hindi ako kilala. So many times I was deceived but it is the first time that a "friend" hurts me that much...
(However 2010 was still a started with fireworks and ended with wounds....)
Part 2 soon

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer '10 almost ending

Rudeness is SHE... hahahaha I was about to start this new entry when came up the evil twin. Anyway, I realized I did not really filled this blog with so many stories and happenings here. Don't get me wrong, life here was not uninteresting and completely boring; in the contrary so many things happened to ME. It just that I did not have the heart to write it down. I started this blog with so much enthusiasm, however in the middle of the journey some things happened and I did not want to share the situation I was going through. I updated my fb more often so friends knew . OK, so setting this aside, this post is sort of a preview of my future entries. One thing that I love about the Philippines and this SUMMER "10 is that I got the opportunity to travel around the country and to see beautiful scenaries . Pictures of Cebu and Bohol ,also of ILOILO and VILLA ESCUDERO will be uploaded later. I think I will also post an entry about my stay in Capitol medical center so you'll get an idea of what I had to go through.
It's almost the end of summer '10 and I am also glad that I will go home soon. However, PI will always be a special place in my heart. Though it was not the best vacation and summer here, I did enjoy being with the fam and sunbathing in Cebu. I LOVE YOU PHILIPPINES, I LOVE THE FILIPINOS!!!

I wish he can see me

Apart from my kdrama addiction there are other stuff in my head....
My last days here in PI make me think , think really hard.. hahaha you, reader have no idea of what I am writing about. However, I wanted to put my thoughts somewhere and I thought about putting it on here. There is that person who confuses me ... he's making my life difficult. HAHAHA not really but he knows how to make things complicated. It is complicated cause I now have somehow some mixed feelings about him and other things. We're friends just friends and I don't hope anything more than that! Firstly because he's not boyfriend material...( if he's reading this he would probably disagree) Then, I am not looking for a relationship, NO COMMITMENT for now. Also he's into someone else. RALALALALALALALA As my best told me, I have to figure out what I want and What I really feel... I am writing all of these just to say that I miss him and I feel like it's wrong to miss him. Well I can say that I miss him as a friend....ENOUGH SAID, YEAH I AM CONFUSED AND LOST. That was the point of this entry! :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There this girl....

"Love you cuz you are, every single star
In the constellation, that’s enlightening my heart"

The pic was taken during Kath's BDAY.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Last Song

OMG, so since i had time to kill, i decided to finish reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I couldn't stop crying!! Last time I read Dear John, I also cried!! When I saw The Notebook and A walk to remember, I cried!! Ano ba to???? !!!
I love the way Nicholas Sparks decribes/expresses the emotions of his characters!! I'm always moved. Plus, his books made me believe in love again..ay ang corny ko?? lol yes everytime i read one of his novels, I start having hope...i guess i'm not manhid and my heart is still soft when it comes to love stories!!! I really want to love and fall in love again but it's never the same in the real world!!!! Mr. Right seems to be in books and movies only. It's sad to be me!!! so complicated, so broken inside.... well not that broken, I'm happy to be single,to be headache and heartache free!!! :P
well, just wanted to share this coz now I have no more books to read!!!! I should start reading the bible more often!!!

ok, i'll end up this entry with quotes from the book

"Truth only means something when it's hard to admit!"

"We're not perfect. Any of us. We make mistakes, we screw up but then we forgive and move forward."


Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's SUNDAY!!!!

* I was supposed to post this last sunday and I forgot so here it is...

Ok, so from time to time I'll have entries about make up which is Mel's passion and not mine since I got those freaking allergies. Thank God nothing happened after putting on the e/s!

Anyway, this entry is about my days in Iloilo city!! since it was a sunday when I went there, i decided to write about it now. Nothing is really happening here in Manila, but in Iloilo there's always some action. Iloilo is like my Las Vegas!! lol because it's the only place where I really enjoy going out. My mom would say that my sister and I are "homegirls"; we don't go out, clubbing etc... we just stay at home with the fam and the dogs. BUT in Iloilo, it's another ambiance, people are different and of course that's where I go out w/ my cousins!!!

However, this time I didn't go clubbing or anything like that. I went there with my grandparents so, I wasn't totally free to do everything I wanted to do. We stayed there for 4 days and all I did was staying at home, eating and sleeping. Well, one day we went to the beach with the cousins and another day we went to the cinema to watch Prince of Persia. Of course, I argued with my lola about her letting me go out to the places I always go to when I'm there. There's not a day that passes by w/out any quarrel between us. People think that i'm pasaway,rebelde or matigas ang ulo, but that's the way I am with my lola. I always say that na mana ako sa mama ko so mana din sa lola. I guess we have the same nature, hot blooded!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Fav look

All you need is eyeliner and a red lipstick!! ok so this is one of my fav look. Since I got my allergies I can't really wear e/s on so this is almost what I do

Revlon Colorstay foundation Medium Beige
Coastal Scents Camo Quad Dark
MAC blush Fleur Power

Smashbox e/s from smokebox
MAC gel eyeliner blacktrack
Covergirl volume mascara
Brows: benefit browzing medium

Clarins Fusion 560

This is another look
same as the above except blush is Earth from Ever Bilena

Same but I just smoked out using the same e/s Smashbox smokebox

Rimmel Nearly Nude 320

Make up Haul

This is for you Mel!!! with pictures pa taken with e-cam coz Daddy's camera is low batt.

This is Ever Bilena Earth blush
Fanny Serrano e/s Stone
Nichido e/s
Elf corrective concealer

Mac blush Fleur Power
Mac lipstick Alibi
Smashbox smokebox
Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Revlon Colorstay

The Finals! BOS-LA

ok, so I have to make an entry for this!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO they lost!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok , it started well then the Lakers played the game but 'til the end I hoped we would win!!! Congrats to the Lakers!! It was an exciting game and I really enjoyed watching it even if the suspense was killing me! We cannot always win and I hope in the future, it will be our time to shine!! My heart goes to you Celtics!!! You gave us hope and heart failures!!! lol... Watching you beat their ass was amazing but unfortunately they had more in store! It was really close and I think they had hard times beating you Celtics!! I still and will always love you!!! Celebrate because you went very far and celebrate because it was not an easy game!! Celebrate life, celebrate the opportunity!!! you played well BOSTON next year you'll do better!!! :)

Cast away

Last night I had the feeling of being cast away for some reasons.
  • First of all, I don't have a DSL line here at home, so no internet whenever I want!
  • Then, the only chanel I watch here is abs coz they are kapamilya.
  • Everyone on fb is talking about the FIFA which I have no idea what is going on except that FRANCE is bringing us shame!!! But I can tell you about the NBA!!! YEAH GO CELTICS!!!! yah everyone on twitter is tweeting about it and right now i'm watching the game. Boston is leading 57-51. Hope they will run the finals!!! GO GO GO!!! Anyway, let's continue the list of my thousands reasons why I am cast away.
  • I don't know anyone in the neighborhood, so it makes me a loner! hahahaha.
  • I don't know how to commute, my sense of direction is not so good here and it seems that I have a really bad memory!
  • My Lola is super duper over protective!! So I can't go out whenever I want.
I can try to live the filipino way, but I guess I will never managed to adapt. I miss home so much and it's only been 2 weeks since I got here!!! I miss my bathroom, my bed, the food, the white faces ( lol), the beautiful people, the dogs, the couch, the buses...
I love the Philippines and the filipino people so much but it seems that "home" for me is somewhere else. I hope one day this land will be my home! when there will be no more ipis here!!! hahahahaha

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Sun, Beach and Sho-Koi?

Yey!! Today was a sunny day without any clouds in the horizon but I hope tonight, it will rain!!! Grabe super init!
So if you wonder why I called my blog Sun, Beach and Sho koi it's because when I think about PI, all that comes to my mind is the Sun and the Beach (Bora!!!) .I hope that my entries here will reflect the brightness and the beauty of my life. Of course not everything is happy go lucky, so the Sho-Koi which is spelled like an Asian name but should be spelled out as "Shokoy" (which is an ugly male mermaid??!!??) represents the sad or bad moments here. This blog title makes me laugh!!! i luv it!! i luv the sun ,the beach but NOT the Sho-koi!!!

My first entry in the City by the Bay or should I say as a Manilan.

Hello World!!!
Yes, I am blogging from the City of our Affections!!! I wish I could write my first entry in ilonggo but I'm afraid it would just contain few words that I learnt from my cousins. FYI, I am full Pinay, half ilocana and half ilongga! But I do not know anything of the ilocano side of me. I am based in France and actually trying to get a BBA!
Anyway, this blog will be about my adventures here in PH, about my internship and my everyday life with the granny( lola ko)!!! ( yeah she drives me crazy!)
I miss home so much and I hope this blog will help me get over the homesickness!!!!
SO I guess the adventure starts now!! So much has already happened, but I reserve thoses stories for my next entries.