Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer '10 almost ending

Rudeness is SHE... hahahaha I was about to start this new entry when came up the evil twin. Anyway, I realized I did not really filled this blog with so many stories and happenings here. Don't get me wrong, life here was not uninteresting and completely boring; in the contrary so many things happened to ME. It just that I did not have the heart to write it down. I started this blog with so much enthusiasm, however in the middle of the journey some things happened and I did not want to share the situation I was going through. I updated my fb more often so friends knew . OK, so setting this aside, this post is sort of a preview of my future entries. One thing that I love about the Philippines and this SUMMER "10 is that I got the opportunity to travel around the country and to see beautiful scenaries . Pictures of Cebu and Bohol ,also of ILOILO and VILLA ESCUDERO will be uploaded later. I think I will also post an entry about my stay in Capitol medical center so you'll get an idea of what I had to go through.
It's almost the end of summer '10 and I am also glad that I will go home soon. However, PI will always be a special place in my heart. Though it was not the best vacation and summer here, I did enjoy being with the fam and sunbathing in Cebu. I LOVE YOU PHILIPPINES, I LOVE THE FILIPINOS!!!

I wish he can see me

Apart from my kdrama addiction there are other stuff in my head....
My last days here in PI make me think , think really hard.. hahaha you, reader have no idea of what I am writing about. However, I wanted to put my thoughts somewhere and I thought about putting it on here. There is that person who confuses me ... he's making my life difficult. HAHAHA not really but he knows how to make things complicated. It is complicated cause I now have somehow some mixed feelings about him and other things. We're friends just friends and I don't hope anything more than that! Firstly because he's not boyfriend material...( if he's reading this he would probably disagree) Then, I am not looking for a relationship, NO COMMITMENT for now. Also he's into someone else. RALALALALALALALA As my best told me, I have to figure out what I want and What I really feel... I am writing all of these just to say that I miss him and I feel like it's wrong to miss him. Well I can say that I miss him as a friend....ENOUGH SAID, YEAH I AM CONFUSED AND LOST. That was the point of this entry! :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

There this girl....

"Love you cuz you are, every single star
In the constellation, that’s enlightening my heart"

The pic was taken during Kath's BDAY.